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Let Worcester Fitness Help Keep You Healthy and COOOOL This Summer!

By Sarah Lefebvre - Regional Director, WorcesterCentralKidsCalendar.com

1.) Chasing after the kids: Kids, grandkids, or the neighborhood kids. They are out of school (darn it!) and the only way I will make it through the summer is if I can bring my A-game. That means making sure I hit Worcester Fitness so I know that I can keep up with (or try to) their pace.

2.) Hiking, biking, canoeing etc. When we do get a chance to be active outdoors, it would be nice to enjoy it. Huffing up Wachusett Mountain or walking my bike up the hills on the rail trail does not sound like a good time. Being in shape will keep me enjoying all our summer activities.

3.) Self Confidence: It's summer, no more long sleeves and pants. And unless I feel confident, I am not wearing a bikini to the beach this summer. No matter your weight or size, it is great to feel great about yourself when you hit the beach in whatever attire you are comfortable in. Continued work outs and maybe some personal training at Worcester Fitness will help build up that self-confidence.

4.) Ice cream. This word doesn't seem like it fits in a fitness article. However, I love hitting the local ice cream stands, and I can't do it in good conscience unless I have spent my 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes in the weight room.

5.) The Air Conditioning. Instead of hitting the cool air conditioning of the movie theater to beat the heat, take advantage of the nice cool air at Worcester Fitness. Getting out of the humidity by  going to the gym is healthier and gives you more wiggle room if you want to splurge in other ways (see #4). 

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