April is (was) National Stress Awareness Month

April is (was) National Stress Awareness Month

There are many reasons why we need to manage our stress levels.


Did you know April was Stress Awareness Month?!  I sure did, but I was too stressed to write about it! Just kidding. By the time this month is over, I will have performed 100 treatments, not including working on runners at the Boston Marathon.  I can certainly feel stress along with you.

Many times, stress is thought of as mental or emotional.  But when we’re stressed, it has a cascading effect throughout our bodies, having negative consequences on our muscles, digestion, circulatory system, sleep, among others.  There are many reasons why we need to manage our stress levels.

It’s widely known that massage therapy helps people feel better.  If you haven’t tried it, you are definitely missing a great opportunity for self- care.  One of the most common comments I get from clients goes like this: “So, I was telling someone I needed to leave for my massage, and they were like ‘You’re so lucky’.  I tell them it’s nothing like that, and it hurts, but it helps me feel better.” I don’t think of myself as a therapist who provides extra deep pressure, but rather the right amount of pressure for the issue I’m working to rectify.  One of the most important pieces of my treatments is to make sure my client is comfortable and relaxed. Even if my pressure may be deeper than others, if I don’t help them relax, the treatment will not have the desired result.

Relaxing and reducing stress are an important aspect of self-care, and not always as easy as it sounds.  If you’re not sure if massage or our Advanced Therapeutic Stretching program are good avenues for you, please contact me!  I love to talk with people to help them find the best ways to help themselves! 

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