spin for kids 2021

Spin for Kids 2021 Wrap Up

By Andy Sharry




We didn’t plan to host an event this year, but somehow we all pulled it together and created a unique and special event to bridge the gap between 2020 and 2022.  The goal was a modest $3,000, and due to the kindness and generosity of our riders and community, we raised $13,200!  That puts us at $120,000 raised in 4 years of Spin for Kids at Worcester Fitness.

Big thanks to our Sponsors & Fundraisers: 

  • Paul Scully & Country Bank: $5000
  • Courtney Rice, Friends & HAI Group: $2500
  • Jim & Leslie Andreoli: $1000
  • Terry Shepherd / S&G: $1000
  • Kerry Mulcahy & Friends: $965
  • Dianne & Rick Durand, Friends & Durand Dealerships: $650
  • Rick Porter & CinchIt: $500

Big Thanks to our Spin Virtually and Spin Your Way People:

  • Marianne Dodakian-Calvalieri
  • Gordie Lockbaum
  • Kristin Marengo
  • Joseph and Jayne Andrews
  • Kara Spaulding
  • Erin Fitzgerald
  • Kerry Mulcahy
  • Mike & Danielle Sikonski
  • Amie Sullivan
  • Amy Wagstaff
  • Maura Meehan
  • Debbie Wisuri

Big thanks to our dedicated & generous spin leaders:

  • Tracy Riley 
  • Christian Squatritio

Big thanks to the wonderful organizers & host:

  • Rebecca Kuczarski
  • Robyn Fair
  • Andrea, Tim and Linc MacDonald
Big things coming for the next Spin for Kids!  Stay tuned.
Thank You Very Much!  

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