Spartan Beast Training with Tracy Riley

Spartan Beast

Training with Coach Tracy Riley

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Spartan: 8 Weeks to The Beast!

Training Starts on February 25, 2019

This training is for the New Jersey Beast which will be on April 27th.
The cost is $150/10 pack for members and $180/10 pack for non-members.

Members enrolled in the HD program will use their sessions to be involved in the program.
Classes are held Monday 530pm. Thursday 6pm and Saturday 10am. The schedule of activities for each class are listed below.

Coach Tracy is skilled at teaching to your specific abilities. Each member of the team will have obstacles and challenges that they excel at and some that are daunting challenges. That's what makes it special, there are ways to do what you're great at, and many ways to work through the challenges and experience tremendous personal growth.
The program starts on Monday February 25th at 530pm and runs to Saturday April 20th 10am. As always, you don't have to participate in the races to be part of the team and do the training. This is for everyone!
The structure of the program will be:
• Mondays 5:30PM - Spartan Strength & Power
• Thursday 6:00PM - Spartan Endurance
• Saturday 10:00AM - Spartan Obstacle Training