Weight Loss Strategies, Nutritional Advice, Personal Training

Worcester Fitness Nutritional Counseling programs combine smart and effective food choices with a comprehensive fitness and wellness program, specially designed just for you.


Nutrition Training

Worcester Fitness Nutrition programs include nutrition consultations with fitness training.

Our certified nutrition specialists will help you:

  • Create and maintain positive eating behaviors.
  • Build long and short-term attainable goals.
  • Understand dietary allowances and energy nutrients
  • Determine Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)
  • Calculate energy needs for endurance athletes
  • Identify pitfalls of dieting
  • Read and understand food labels.
  • Manage nutrition, weight, and general fitness

 Worcester Fitness Nutrition Training Team

Denleigh Grniet

Denleigh Grniet

ASSDN Nutrition Specialist

Denleigh graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS Degree in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State. In addition to being an Ace Certified Personal Trainer and ASSDN Nutrition Specialist, she has also been a cycling and small group instructor over 20 years. She is ACE Mind Body and Senior Specialist. She teaches indoor cycling, small group training, and yoga classes. She admires the quote inspired by Mathew Jeffers -The only disability in life is a bad attitude. Look beyond imperfections, be happy, do what you can and live your life.

Joanne Salois

Joanne Salois

AASDN Nutrition Specialist

Joanne Salois has been in the health and fitness field for over 28 years. Joanne is an ACE certified personal trainer, an ACE specialist in orthopedic exercise, AASDN nutrition specialist, AAFA group fitness trainer, and also holds numerous certifications in health and wellness, including Pilates, PowerFlex, yoga, and cycling. Through safety and professionalism, Joanne demonstrates the highest standard of service for attainable and positive results. Her skill and expertise in fitness assessment and corrective and functional training provides the ability to develop an in-depth individualized fitness prescription regimen. Joanne’s knowledge as a nutrition specialist enables her to guide clients through the appropriate dietary recommendations for weight management and healthy living, allowing each client to achieve their long and short term personal goals. Joanne believes physical activity, flexibility, and nutrition work in synergy toward the success of an individual’s physical potential. The key is to incorporate these three essential elements into one’s daily life to maintain all dimensions of health and wellness.