Nutrition Re-Boot

Smart eating and comprehensive fitness training!


Team Approach

Nutrition consultations and fitness training.

Clients have the option to combine nutrition with exercise because Joanne, Denleigh and Leo are also Certified Personal Trainers. You can even use part of your package for one-on-one personal training, a great way to compliment your nutrition work!
Our certified nutrition specialists will help you:
• Create and maintain positive eating behaviors
• Build long and short term attainable goals
• Understand dietary allowances and energy nutrients
• Determine Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)
• Calculate energy needs for endurance athletes
• Identify pitfalls of dieting
• Read and understand food labels
• Manage nutrition, weight and general fitness

"Eating from the Earth!"

"She (Worcester Fitness Personal Trainer Joanne Salois) has me eating differently than I ever have in my life by having me eat from the earth! My plates are now so vibrant, dark and rich with the colors of nature and our earth. Additionally, she is helping me with my arthritic hands with great exercise. She addresses my high blood pressure and pre-diabetic condition by emphasizing the proper usage and control of salt, sugar."
- Francis "Fran" Daley



Worcester Fitness Leo McCarthy

Nutrition Packages

Essential Nutrition

$199 for 3/one hour nutrition sessions

Nutrition Packages

Wellness Package

$594 3/one hour nutrition sessions
and 5/one hour personal training sessions

March is National Nutrition Month!

Worcester Fitness is celebrating National Nutrition month by sharing information about how to choose healthy and nutritious food and drinks; as well as paying attention to portion control. Nutrition is the key component missing from most people’s fitness plan!
Helpful Links:
National Nutrition Month Toolkit
Eat Right for Kids
American Society For Nutrition