Massage Therapist Pete Mascitelli

Meet Massage Therapist Pete Mascitelli

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Wanting to help people in a tangible way, Peter changed careers, deciding on the hands-on approach to the healing of massage therapy.


Peter graduated from Salter College’s Massage Therapy in 2010, leaving a 20-year long stay in the supermarket world behind. Working steadily since graduating, Peter has found he has an intuitive way of finding and loosening problem muscles. He specializes in deep tissue massage, especially on tough ongoing issues like chronic low back pain and has continued working on improving techniques to give his clients the best possible outcome he can.


Peter lives a vegan lifestyle, plays music (ukulele and banjo) loves photography, has two pugs, two adult kids, three turtles, and a longtime partner. He likes to spend as much time outside and hiking as possible with at least a portion of that list. He loves every season here in New England and has snowshoes to prove it.


Peter practices mindfulness and is always trying to leave the world better than he found it.

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