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Burn calories in one of the most efficient ways possible!

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Build Muscle, Burn Calories

Our indoor swimming pool is equipped with a state of the art saline filtration system that makes your time in the water healthier and easier on the environment. Swimming burns roughly 500 calories an hour. Kick up the intensity a bit and you can get that number up to 700! Plus, as an added bonus, no wear and tear on your joints! That means you can safely swim pretty much every day without worrying about burning out your body and getting sidelined.
The fact that it's easy on your body but hard on calories makes swimming in our pool an extremely good choice for a lifetime of fitness and health.
• Climate Controlled Pool
• Saline Filtration System
• Lap Swimming
• Endurance Training
• Performance Training
• Water Fitness Group Classes
• Swimming Lessons
• Physical Therapy

Worcester Fitness Indoor Pool

Family Swim

Members can bring their childrewn or grandchildren in for free during any scheduled Family Swim hours. A great way to introduce your children to the water, have family fun in the pool, and get exercise together! Please refer to the Worcester Fitness Pool Schedule for select availability.

Group Swim

Worcester Fitness offers an incredible selection of swimming lessons through our Worcester Fitness Swim Academy. During group swim, swim team or water fitness classes, swim space for lap swimming is available but limited. 

Aqua Jam

Aqua Jam is water fitness class uniquely designed by Water Fitness Instructor Picky Lanigan featuring the natural anaerobic benefits found in training in the water with a powerful cardiovascular componant to help you burn fat, lose weight, and in general-feel great!

Boot Camp H2O

A mixture of high intensity water aerobics and core strength training utilizing bands, noodles, boards and hand weights designed to increase all fitness levels. High energy, positive people and motivating music with ensure that you'll never be bored

H2O Suspension

A challenging workout in the pool, suspended by fun and flexible noodles.  Move, strengthen, flex, and smile your way through this unique water class in the pool at Worcester Fitness! Use the natural resistance of water to discover the power it has to build strength.

Aqua Tabata

This class combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with the benefits of water results - in a fun yet effective workout to blast the calories! You'll start with dynamic stretching, then use the core of the class to experience the Aqua Tabata portion of the class.