Every Picture Tells a Story!

Our clients and their stories.

Everyone is an athlete at Worcester Fitness

Lately, we've had the chance to reflect on the work we do here at Worcester Fitness.
As our team talked to each other about clients past and present, we were overwhelmed by the incredible diversity of our members. All ages, all sizes, all with their own unique and personal motivations. That is what puts the "personal" in Personal Training. All of our trainers agreed that most of the time it is the CLIENT that is doing a large amount of the motivating and inspiring. Inspiring them to excel as trainers, grow as coaches and exceed their clients expectations.
So, from all of us to all of you- thank you for making us better trainers and better people!

Here are a few short stories that we hope motivate YOU!

Worcester Fitness Leo McCarthy

Client - Jack
Trainer - Andy Sharry

Jack is down 50+ pounds. He trains with Andy two times per week, takes Small Group Training sessions and is on the Spartan and Running team.

Clients - Pat and Colleen
Trainer - Picky Lanigan

The dynamic sister team of Pat & Colleen use the pool to help in their battles against cancer. Breast cancer doesn't stop them from strength, cardio, flexibility and aqua fitness.

Clients - Warrior Women
Trainer - Janine McCarthy

What a great group! New class for the fall Warrior Boxing & Fitness. 
Thank you Janine and all your WARRIORS!

Client - Pastor Gloria 
Trainer - Leo McCarthy

Pastor Gloria tends to her flock around the clock. Unless she's taking care of herself in her personal training sessions with Leo.

Clients - Cherie
Trainer - Andy Sharry

Cherie trains with Andy, takes Small Group Training classes and has weekly massage therapy sessions with Steve Dozois. We're your comprehensive health and wellness team! 

Clients - Linda
Trainer - Picky Lanigan

Master Trainer Picky has embarked on a journey to wellness with Linda. Her Goal? To move and feel better. What's better than that?! 

Client - Kevin
Trainer - Dianne Durand

Dianne trains Kevin. Kevin has a newborn. Kevin NEEDS his time at Worcester Fitness.

Clients - Meredyth
Trainer - Picky Lanigan

Meredyth values her personal training time with Picky. It helps her lead and inspire the folks in her church. 

Clients - Kristen
Trainer - Janine McCarthy

Janine has worked with Kristen during the summer. She's headed back to the classroom on Monday feeling great, strong and ready for her students. 

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