Adult Swim Academy

Adult Swim Academy

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Adult swimming lessons

Our Adult Swim Academy is uniquely designed for adult swimmers looking become stronger and faster in the water. These classes will give swimmers of all levels the skills they will need to perform better and more efficiently while swimming. Many adults have never learned to swim. Our classes are designed to give them the ability to feel safe and secure in the water.
Adult Swim Academy Instructor George Randall is a Certified Level 3.0 Total Immersion Swim Coach. He teaches students of all abilities, from beginner to competitive level, in open-water, triathlon, and pool events.
George also competes in several open-water races and triathlons. "As a coach it is very gratifying for me to help and guide students to achieve their swimming goals. To be part of their growth and to watch them transform from struggling to skillful swimmers gives me great joy…It’s why I teach!"





"I was so blessed that my paths crossed with George.

I became such a better swimmer working with George. He made my swimming effortless. I had the swim of my life at Ironman Lake Placid. I couldn't have done it without him. He will work with you to get you to your goal."

Peggy Dorval

"My instructor, Laura D., is exceptional! I never learned to swim as a child, and I was unsure if it would be a possibility as an adult.

Laura D. proved me wrong - after only 4 swimming lessons and offsite practice, I was swimming in the deep end of pools and ocean water! I was more comfortable in the water than I had ever been, and now, I am continuing to work with Laura to strengthen my endurance and learn new swimming techniques. Knowing how to swim is a life-saving skill, and I am forever grateful to Laura for her encouragement, patience, and guidance along the way. If you want to learn to swim (regardless of your age), Worcester Fitness is the place to go"




Adult Swim Training/Skill Building

Instructor - George Randall

September 12 - October 31

Thursday's's 7PM

60 Minute Class

Registration Opens August 19, 9:00AM

Adult Swim/Skill Building - This swim class is geared towards swimmers intermediate and above. Taught by WSI and level 3.0 TI coach George Randall, you will be swimming speed, endurance, and learning good pacing skills. He will address swim technique, form, stroke count, and provide video analysis. Learn how to formulate swim training workouts and get prepped for race season or to improve your swim workouts.

Price-$210 Member, $260 Non-Member

Private Lessons

Adult Swim Training

1 Student, $50/$180 for 4

2 Students, $72/$252 for 4

3 Student, $84/$303 for 4

4 Student, $100/$360 for 4