20 Steps to Wellness

20 Steps to Wellness

Practice Wellness and Live Your Best Life
By Wellness Week With Herren

1) Get Enough Sleep - Sleep is vital to overall health and wellbeing so strive for 8 hours each night. Plan out a nighttime routine to help your body and mind get ready for bed and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

2. Exercise- A regular exercise routine promotes better sleep, boosts energy, improves your mood and improves your health. Plus, you can have fun and meet new people.

3. Drink Water- Staying hydrated helps our bodies in so many ways. It boosts brain function, energy levels and heart health & can even help with anxiety.

4. Spend Time in Nature- Go for a walk or just sit outside. Sunlight is beneficial for your health and boosts your happiness.

5. Turn Off Your Phone- Turn offyour phone for a set amount of time each day. Even 30 minutes a day can make a difference.

6. Practice Healthy Eating Habits- Good nutrition is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Fruits, veggies, beans and nuts are all key. Create a food diary, look at your habits and work toward making healthier changes.

7. Try Yoga- Try yoga or stretching to reduce stress and anxiety. Even 20 minutes a day will improve your mood and add to your overall health.

8. Write in a Journal- Record your thoughts, experiences and emotions in a notebook on a consistent basis. Acknowledging our feelings is a key part of wellness and self-care.

9. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness-  Allow your mind to go quiet and just be. Focusing attention on our breath helps reach this state and deep breathing has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions.

10. Recite Daily Positive Affirmations- The way we talk to ourselves matters and either empowers us or brings us down. Find a book of daily armations or make your own list. Write notes for yourself and leave them around your house. Use our “I AM” poster.

11. Keep a Gratitude Journal- Keep a gratitude journal with lists of things you’re grateful for. Studies have shown that having a gratitude-focused mindset creates a positive mood, greater sense of connectedness and helps us to sleep better.

12. Set New Lifestyle Goals- Set new lifestyle goals for yourself. These could be fitness, emotional, financial, career or social goals. Set attainable and healthy goals to help yourself succeed.

13. Make or Update Your Recovery Plan- If you are in recovery, make or update your recovery plan. It’s important to periodically look at your plan to reassess what’s not working and celebrate what is.

14. Try Something New- Get outside your comfort zone. Start a new class or hobby. Organize a book club. Personal growth helps to improve our wellbeing and personal satisfaction.

15. Volunteer- Volunteering helps to improve our mood, reduce stress and increase our sense of purpose. It helps us connect to the community around us and make a difference.

16. Be Creative Self-expression through dierent art forms has a healing power that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Write a song, draw, sing, dance, however you like to express yourself.

17. Read an Uplifting Book- Read an uplifting book or watch an uplifting movie. The content we consume has a direct correlation to our mood, our perspective and how we see the world.

18. Go to a Support Group Meeting- Support from others is critical to our personal wellbeing and keeps us accountable.

19. Perform an Act of Kindness- Send a gift or note to someone. It improves the quality of life for others and for yourself as well. Acts of kindness have a positive impact on your health by decreasing stress and increasing inner peace and happiness.

20. Spend Time With People Who Lift You Up- Make time for yourself and enjoy the people that matter most to you. Spend time with friends and family who lift you up and encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

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