Winter Swimming Lessons

$105 per child- Six Week Session

Worcester Fitness offers swimming classes for children that will help to build their confidence develop a love of being in the water!

Spring Group Swimming Lessons

Sunday April 27 - Sunday June 14

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

No classes on Fri May 23- Mon May 26th

Makeup for this is Sun June 8, Mon June 9th, Fri June 13th & Sat June 14th


3:00PM-3:30PM Level 1 (Ages 4&5)with Christine

3:30PM-4:00PM Level 3 with Christine

4:00PM-4:30PM Level 5 with Christine

4:30PM-5:00PM Level 4 with Allie


4:30PM-5:00PM Level 3 with Kim

5:00PM-5:30PM Level 1 (Ages 6&up)with Kim


3:30PM-4:00PM Preschool (Ages 3&4)with Christine

4:00PM-4:30PM Level 1 (Ages 4-6) with Christine

4:30PM-5:00PM Level 3 with Christine


2:00PM-2:30PM Waterbabies (4mths-1yr)with Kim

2:30PM-3:00PM Watertoddlers (13mth-3yr)with Kim

4:30PM-5:00PM Level 4 with Caitlin

5:00PM-5:30PM Level 1 (Ages 4-6)with Caitlin


3:30PM-4:00PM Level 1 (Ages 6&up) with Christine

4:00PM-4:30PM Level 2 with Christine

4:30PM-5:00PM Level 4 with Christine


4:00PM-4:30PM Level 1 (Ages 4-6) with Caitlin

4:30PM-5:00PM Level 2 with Caitlin


10:00AM-10:30AM Level 1 (Ages 4-6) with Caitlin

10:30AM-11:00AM Level 3 with Caitlin

11:00AM-11:30AM Waterbabies(Ages 4mth-1yr)with Juli

11:30AM-12:00PM Watertoddlers(Ages 13mth-3yrs)with Juli

12:00PM-12:30PM Watertoddlers(Ages 13mth-3yrs)

2:30PM-3:00PM Level 3 with Kim

3:00PM-3:30PM Waterbabies(4mth-1yr)with Kim

How to register

Current Students can register for this session beginning Monday March 31

Open Registration begins Monday April 7

Swim Lesson Schedule
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