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Learning to swim can be a real challenge for children and adults alike. That is the specific reason that Worcester Fitness offers group, semi-private and private swimming lessons for children and adults. Each session is comprised of between six and eight thirty-minute sessions to guarantee maximum retention.

Here are the skills that are taught at each level during Worcester Fitness Swim Lessons.

Water Babies and Water Toddlers is recommended for children between four months and thirty-six months of age. Parents will be in the water with babies assisting with basic water adjustment.

Pre-School is recommended for children three to four years of age. Children are taught basic water skills unassisted by their parents.

Level One is about water exploration. Children become comfortable with their face being in the water, bubble blowing, supported kicks, and simultaneous arm and leg action

Level Two teaches primary water skills including fully submerging their head, floating on front and back, combining strokes on front and back and flutter kicking on front and back.

Level Three concentrates on stroke readiness and teaches your child to retrieve objects, tread water, coordinate arm for front and back crawl, butterfly kick with body motion and general water safety.

Level Four is all about stroke development including rotary breathing, front and back crawl, breaststroke and side stroke, flip turns and experimenting with buoyancy.

Level Five is advanced training for children who are leaning towards competitive swimming. Diving from the side, front crawl for fifty yards, back crawl for twenty five yards, elementary breaststroke for fifty yards, sidestroke for 25 yards, sculling for thirty seconds, treading water for five minutes and safety skills.

Looking for one on one swimming attention? Private Swim Lessons at Worcester Fitness offers individual swimming lessons to help anyone overcome their fear of water, improve their stroke or even train for a triathlon.

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